I like to play Counterstrike Source a lot, and so i thought it would be a fun thing to share facts, pictures, vids, stats, and more with you.
 You may think im stupid or crazy, but i dont care. I think of myself as an average player, and maybe spend a little to much time on playing it. ( i think that bothers my friend michael^^!!)
Still i hope if someone ever finds this site, that they might share my passion of CS:S gaming.

My CSS info's

  • To start off, my ingame steam name is ONS | Ðèãthînãtôr (for now)
  • the logo you can see here is the ingame name i was known as before.
  • ONS stands for Offensive Network Strikers, and is the name of the clan im in.
  • visit www.ons-multigaming.de
  • My steam id is: Wakalaka44, but noone knows me with that name.
  • My favourite map is gg_lego, and my favourite weapon is the M4A1 (i am most often CT).
  • I usually play on my clans Surf and fun server( ip address: )
  • I am 4th in ranking in the top list of my clan, but my skills suck^^
  • I play CSS a lot but i am not one of those freaks that play it 10 hours a day.

Hope to shoot u soon^^

Join my current clan

Hey people.
if you like counter strike source, and play it a lot, why dont you give a visit to the clan homepage and see if you want to become a member. To become a member you would first have to register, and then post a clan request, with your information.(i advise you to insert a clan history if you got one)
The clan homepage is mainly german, but u'll be able to read what u gotta be able to read.
the url is:

currently i am setting things up to start my own little and in official clan, which will be called ONN (Online Network Noobz), and will try to ask my admin if it can be the official subclan for noobz of ONS.

ill post as soon as i have done so. thnx