Infos About Me

Ollie :)

Basic Info

  • My name is Andre
  • I was born on the 28th/May/1993 and am 16 years old
  • I am from Germany
  • I live in Norway (since 2006)
  • I am in tenth grade in the International School Of Stavanger
  • I am 1,76M tall
  • I enjoy Information Technology (Web designing speciffically)
  • ...

What i can't live without...

I am really into all of the things that have to do with technology, which is mostly computers, consoles, and webdesigning as you have maybe already realized.
I am also a very lazy person, and luckily it changed, but before i wasnt really paying attention on handling my devices carefully. Thats how i managed to break one laptop, loose a NintendoDS, and break the screen of my PSP, and i still for some mysterious reason keep breaking a pair of (not always cheap) headphones^^ (even though i pay attention to them they always end up having a deffect on one side, or i loose them).

Now a list of my favourite devices from one as the best going higher to the least:

  1. My Gateway Notebok :DualCore 2.77GhzProcessors, 250gbHardDrive, Windows Vista System :..(       (vista is slow)
  2. My Ipod Touch 2nd Generation: 8GB size, 3.1.1 firmware, cracked with Blackrain :) yay more features.
  3. My TV: Odys Multi Flat 19inch CinemaII: 19inch screen, Internal DVD, DVB-T, HD ready, HDMI compatible, + external rciever and external (half setup) DolbyDigital surround sound system.
  4. My broken PSP: 4GB size, yellow limited simpsons edition, slim and lite (still trying to find a new screen to build in on ebay)
  5. My broken Laptop: Siemens Fujizu, windows XP, broken 14inch screen (thats all info i know about that one)